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Natalie Elliott

Natalie Elliott is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Academic Lecturer and published peer-reviewed author, with over 20 years clinical experience.

My passion is to help people get their Mojo back!
Natalie Elliott

Natalie is highly experienced in mental wellbeing, hormonal health, woman's health, nutrition, digestive issues, energy optimisation, immune health, thyroid issues, lung support and skin health. Her wellness plans are simple, evidence-based and tailored to your lifestyle. During your consultation Natalie will take a full case history, assess nutrient levels in your body and recommend any pathology or referrals as required.

You will receive a clear, written treatment plan that addresses your immediate concerns and focuses on building a strong foundation for health. Outside of Naturopathic practice, Natalie continues to work in education and research and loves a cheeky chocolate. She has three vibrant children who help to keep it real.


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