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Eloise Charleson
2 min read
November 21, 2020

Cultivating Stress Resilience

Challenges confront us frequently and knowing how best to deal with them keeps us balanced and on track. If you are thrown off centre by stressful events you may experience worry, anxiety or mood swings. It is so important to support yourself during these periods so that your health, relationships and work are not affected. It is important to recognise the emotions that come up but to know that you have strategies in place to maintain your resilience and to prevent the feeling of overwhelm.

Getting in touch with your feelings of gratitude and acceptance can help you direct your focus outwards and use the stressful event as a period of growth rather than distress. Most importantly, knowing that this is only transitory, helps us go with the flow. We can re-focus on the things that are most important to us and make the changes necessary for a harmonious outcome.


  • Get sufficient sleep. This lowers cortisol levels and supports blood sugar balance.
  • Well balanced diet. A diet rich in nutrients nourishes your body and helps it deal with greater stress.
  • Exercise. Regular exercise helps mood, reduces the feeling of stress and ensures a good nights sleep.
  • Mindset. Focus on gratitude, compassion, acceptance and knowing things will change.
  • Be prepared. Plan your day ahead where possible to avoid stress that arises due to being in a hurry.
  • Get some support from your Naturopath. Herbal adaptogens help our bodies adapt to stress and reduce the long term impact.

Irina Moore
4 hours ago

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