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Sarah Durack
5 mins read
November 10, 2020

DNA testing available!

Our Naturopaths are now offering truly personalised medicine in the form of DNA testing.

The results allow your Naturopath to tailor your health plan even more individually than before. Nutrigenomics is a rapid area of research giving us so much more insight about how to formulate a health plan that is ideal for you, not just generally healthy. Recommendations that can be made from your results encompass lifestyle factors, diet advice as well as specific nutritional supplementation or herbal support to optimise your gene expression.

Genes provide instructions that affect specific proteins; these include enzymes, transporters and receptors, substances that build, regulate and maintain health.

A variation to a gene may alter the ways that cells function. Variations in DNA can affect the way that nutrients are absorbed, the nutrients your body requires and the transport of nutrients. Similarly, diet, food components and lifestyle choices can also affect the way that genes function. Not all gene variations affect how the gene functions.

It is therefore critically important that genetic testing and reporting is backed by quality research and evidence-based recommendations. Gene variations may not only affect metabolism of nutrients and how well an individual may detoxify chemicals from the environment, hormones in the body and even pharmaceutical medications.

They may also impact the manufacture of neurotransmitters that affect mood and brain function. DNA test reports can be helpful for fertility, hormone health, mood and detoxification concerns. Contact us on 93811468 for further information or to book a consultation with our qualified Naturopath.

Irina Moore
4 hours ago

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