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Eloise Charleson
3 min read
November 21, 2020

Hormonal Hiccups

The week before the period can be a real struggle. Flung between a teary outburst and a feeding frenzy you may not know how to get through each day. It is common to have cravings as hormones fluctuate pre-menstrually. Giving in to those cravings too regularly can impact your health.  

Here are some snack hacks to cheat those cravings:

  • Swap ice-cream for coconut yoghurt
  • Swap chocolate for the 80% cacao kind
  • Swap pasta for brown rice
  • Swap lollies for home-made protein balls full of dates and nuts
  • Swap chips for home-made popcorn For extreme mood changes before your period, it is important to ensure you are eating a wholefoods diet full of vegies and fibre. See your Naturopath to have an herbal and nutritional program developed that will put you back on track.

Irina Moore
4 hours ago

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